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Top Ten places to ride (that I have been to), in no particular order:

  1. Lake Tahoe - If you include Northstar and the other bike parks around it must have the largest number of high quality trails anywhere in the world.  The altitude isn't as high as Colorado, so you're not out of breath climbing out of bed, the scenery is awesome and the riding matches it.
  2. North Downs - Huge amounts of singletrack right on my doorstep, nuff said
  3. Quantocks - For such a small area, this has it all, from moorland tracks on the top to woody singletrack lower down.  Steep is generally the order of the day, if it doesn't start steep, it will usually end up getting there!   
  4. Winter Park - masses of high quality singletrack, fairly quiet and not expensive compared to Vail etc
  5. Moab - Mountain Bike Mecca - make your pilgrimage!
  6. Luchon - Cross country heaven, and with lift access you can ride a 20mile downhill!
  7. Les Gets/Morzine - There's a good reason why so many holiday companies have set up mtb operations in this area - great riding!  A lift ticket opens up freeride heaven, miles and miles of tracks over loads of mountains, awesome!
  8. Wales - I know it's cheating a bit to classify Wales as one area, but it's all so good, what would you leave out?  From Coed Y Brenin in the North, through Rhyadaer in the middle to Afan Agoed (will visit soon) in the south, the Welsh hills and valleys are truly one of the greatest places to ride on earth (and I'm not even Welsh!) 
  9. Mammoth - If you like storming the singletrack, this is the place to go.  A bit on the Nazi side, but hey if you can put up with that, miles and miles of top quality singletrack await
  10. Royal Forest of Dean - Ok, the names a bit pretentious, I haven't been there in years and it's a bit limited if you are a good rider, but every UK rider should go there when they are starting out.  It has a great atmosphere, some nice trails (some good technical ones) and is great for mixed ability groups.

There's so many excellent trails out there, I'm sure you disagree with my choices - hell I think I disagree!  If you want to comment, or suggest your own top ten, let me know.

NH 2001