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Check out the following videos.  They are all pretty big so best have broadband - or be prepared to wait! Click the picture to view.  Shot with a RF Concepts helmet cam. Files are MS windows media player - best to have the latest version which can be got from Bill's website, you know the URL. 

Four Forty Four. A short film of drops and steeps at Bracknell and the North Downs. April 2004. (12.7mb)
Bombholes, Holmbury Hill, North Downs, Summer 2003 (10.7mb)
Sunset, Holmbury Hill, North Downs (also known as Barry knows best or Golden Birdies, but we feel these names are a bit naff for such an excellent trail, so have renamed it to suit it's westerly aspect!), Summer 2003 (15.7mb)
High Ashes, Right Hand Variation, lower section, Off Leith Hill, North Downs, Summer 2003 (4.9mb)
Punctured Thigh, Leith Hill, North Downs, Summer 2003.  So named due to an unfortunate accident involving a brake lever a few years back. (14.2mb)
Afan Argoed - Hidden Valley. Just managing to squeeze in under my MB limit is this helmetcam footage of the hidden valley at Afan. Summer 2003. (17.7mb)

NH 2004