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Tom's Place

Tom's Place is just down the road from Mammoth, about 15mins drive south on 395.  As it's at a lower elevation than Mammoth Lakes, the temperature is correspondingly higher.  When we were in Mammoth, it was about 12C in the town and down to about -3C on the top of the Mountain (we had snow!), but down at the Lower Rock Creek Trail it was 20C air temperaure but felt like 30 with the solar gain!

The trail is designed to be ridden one way and so you either need two cars or you will have to get in some road work.  We had to do the latter, and it's quite a climb!  We opted to ride the road first and then return on the singletrack.

The other thing about this ride is it is in three sections, so you can ride the whole thing, or if time is short or you don't fancy such a large amount of road work, just one or two sections. 

This trail is nice though when you get on it, and it starts by meandering alongside the creek, through Aspens, with a few technical sections.   Watch out just before you get to the road for a second time, as I came flying down there, only to discover the trail disappears around a giant boulder.  I only just managed to stop before hitting the stream, which is a couple of foot drop!  Here you have to walk your bike around the boulder and back onto the track.

One thing we did notice though is that the trail can be a bit overgrown in places, I guess it can't get that much use.

NH, 2000

tomsplace1.gif (60212 bytes)
Through the Aspen trees

tomsplace2.gif (44917 bytes)
Small drop offs keep things interesting

tomsplace3.gif (28506 bytes)
The route follows a small creek

tomsplace4.gif (32747 bytes)
And can be a bit overgrown in places!

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