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Coed y Brenin, Snowdonia

The wild west!  Coed y Brenin has bike trails carved out of the rock purely for use by MTBer's.  Strictly no walkers allowed.  However, it would be a lot better if Dolgellau wasn't such a miserable place!  I've yet to ride the new Karrimor trail but if it's anything like the Red Bull route then it's gonna be awesome!

  • Red Bull Route

You can read all about this in various mags, but basically there are several technical sections joined with firetracks.  The singletrack areas can get a bit boggy, but the last downhill, through the woods back to the visitor centre is worth getting mucky for!

Next time I go there, I'll add more info, hopefully it'll be soon.

Other information

Coed y Brenin's Website

NH 1997

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The only place to wash in Coed y Brenin!

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