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Latest News - Start of the New Season

Summer's nearly here!!! Or a better way of putting it would be "it will stop raining soon".......

Ah, soon be time to get out in the evenings on that bike, not have to clean it after every ride and even chance a ride on the South Downs.   Although as I look out the window now it's a beautiful blue sky day with not a cloud in the sky, the recent weather reports have sounded like a scratched record, rain, rain, rain.  Major disadvantage of living in the UK I guess.  Still can plan out the summer.

Places to see and be seen in include:

Area Reasons why (as if I need an excuse!) Update
Quantocks/Exmoor Riding so good I just have to get back there regularly  
Coed Y Brenin As they've added a whole feast of new riding since I was there last, I really must get back.  Especially as one of my mates has just recently been and has come back raving about the place  
Mid Wales (Llanwyrtd Wells probably) Not been there before but have been meaning to for a few years now.   Must get there this year as I need some more new pages on the website! June '00 Been there!  Check out the report
Luchon If I can get a free flight on my newly aquired airmiles, I'm gonna be there baby, just you wait!  Long weekends can't get any better than this.  
Herts/Beds Some of my friends live up that way now, so I'm bound to ride up there sometime this year.  I know the area reasonably well as I come from round there originally, but there are just three words to sum the area up:  FLAT FLAT FLAT!   oh, and of course muddy.  
Peaks Thanks to all of you out there who sent me ideas for riding in the Peak district, I'm rarring to get up there and try some of them out now.  
USA Summer Hols is planned to be the US, but kinda depends on finances.   Will of course be taking the bike, probably west coast somewhere....  
An of course the old favourites:
North Downs Every weekend, when I'm not on the South Downs, or away, still one of the best  
South Downs Just can't beat that chalk experience on those long hot sunny days, fast and furious downhill and sun dappled singletrack - you just need to know where to look!  

If you see me out and about say "hello", you can't miss me, I've got a funny black plastic bike

I'll be adding pages on some of these if they live up to the expectation - so check back later and follow the links.