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Recent Photos - November 1999

Our recent trip to the lakes (except Middle right, the Peak District).  Click on image for large (600x400) version. Image15.jpg (38688 bytes)

Jen and Micki from the top of Wind Gap (Pillar)

Image17.jpg (64433 bytes)

Jen, Andy and Nick near the top of Pillar

Image16.jpg (32802 bytes)

Andy, Jen, Nick & Mick at the top of Pillar

Image9.jpg (60140 bytes)

The rough climb up Wind Gap to the top of Pillar (Great End in the Background)

Image19.jpg (57466 bytes)

Messing around in the Peaks

Image18.jpg (36710 bytes)

Out walking above Langdale/Old Dungeon Gill

Image14.jpg (41589 bytes)

Looking back towards Wastwater